Saintly Summer

After a LONG winter in Champaign, Illinois, summer has finally arrived! After Mother Nature’s devilish dumpings of snow and chilling icy cold, our little corner of the universe is gladly rejoicing in the sights, smells, and sounds of summer. While saying, “So long!” to one season and “HELLO!” to another, we at Seven Saints are celebrating some transitions of our own.

On May 9, Seven Saints turned seven years-old. The staff, dressed to the nines in classy “casino” attire, welcomed our patrons to a James Bond-esque soirée. Gals in sparkly cocktail dresses, guys in slick suspenders and bow-ties, the trusty service staff whipped up cool, classic, and commemorative cocktails. We even took the guesswork out of ordering a drink that night by tempting our guests to try their luck with our drink roulette wheel. But really, who doesn’t get lucky when you’re celebrating with Seven Saints’ libations?

The following weekend, we opened our doors up wide to welcome the University of Illinois’ graduating class of 2014 and their families to share in their triumphant festivities. The two consecutive weekends shared commemorative spirit (both liquid and transcendental) and celebrated the “newness” to life’s journey. As we all bound toward the opportunities of the future, we paused with a tip of the hat in respect to the past.

Upon contemplation of the landmark events of this past May, we consider the time spent achieving these goals, respectively — seven years building and establishing Seven Saints and four (or more) years earning a degree. That is a LOT of time spent in class, studying, researching, reporting, testing, and tutoring; as well as, building staff and creating a rapport with the community, concocting a delicious liquor and salacious food menu, and time spent in the building itself. The time committed to these efforts by staff members past and present has allowed Seven Saints to grow and flourish for seven years. Along the way, we’ve shared in the many celebratory experiences with our patrons who have also committed monstrous amounts of time and effort in their own life endeavors.

Our little bubble of life within the restaurant emulates life outside the restaurant and is not without our own commemorative experiences. Our very own Santino was accepted to the Chicago Police Academy, and with his departure, we celebrate his legacy as well as his future. Santino was a fixture at Seven Saints – some may even say he was “Seven Saints personified.” However much of a rock he was in our family, he is also a rock that is rolling on, carrying with him all the sentiments that Seven Saints stands for. “Heartbreak goes hand-in-hand with happiness.” And this phrase could not ring truer for Tino’s departure, considering the exciting return of a former Saint this month! Stop in and say, “Hello!” to the friendly and beFUZZled (not befuddled, he made sure the distinction is clear) face behind the bar. Pretty Ricky is back and is more than happy to make friends both old and new, as well as serve up the many delicious libations he has hidden up his (usually rolled up) sleeves.

Yes, the spirit of Seven Saints is thriving and jiving, but not without a reciprocal obligation between our family here at Saints and you, the wonderful patrons in our community. This working relationship is what makes the magic happen, and what better time to continue making that magic than right now? Summer time sights, sounds, and smells tend to shine a bit brighter in our little corner of the universe, and as always we invite you to share in our “Saintly” piece of paradise.

Contributed by Claire

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  1. Kimi
    Posted June 11, 2014 at 3:57 pm | Permalink

    What a great read! Can’t wait to spend some great nights with you all this summer. Love and Hugs!!

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